Atlanta Foot Clinic 

Podiatry and Foot Care

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⏩     Diabetic education, screening and nail care;

⏩     Treatment of fungal skin and nail infections;

⏩     Treatment of corns and calluses;

⏩     Surgical or conservative treatment of ingrown toenails;

⏩     Management of complications of arthritis;

⏩     Management of foot-related complications of diabetes,               including diabetic wound care;

⏩      Management of conditions related to peripheral arterial            disease, such as blockage or narrowing of arteries,                      monitoring of circulatory status of lower extremities,                  early identification and prevention of severe                                  complications;

⏩      Identification, and management of Peripheral                                Neuropathy, of any etiology, Diabetic or Idiopathic;

⏩      Identification and initial management of foot and ankle              sprains, strains and fractures;

⏩      Conservative treatment of Haglund’s deformity,  Plantar              Fasciitis,  Achilles Tendonitis;

⏩       Management of psoriasis, eczema, and various                             dermatosis and hyperhidrosis;  Identification and                         treatment of warts.

⏩       Identification and surgical removal of various soft tissue             lesions, including cancerous;

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